Fire Alarm Systems

If you are responsible for a residential or commercial building, you also have a duty to ensure the utmost safety precautions for the occupants of that property. As experts in the fire industry, we understand the need for high quality fire alarms and have seen the destruction that inadequate systems can have.

Here at AWAlarms, we provide a comprehensive fire safety service. Working to the British standard BS5839, we can design, supply, install, commission and maintain the full range of fire alarm systems,including conventional and addressable. These systems may be cabled or wire free depending on the particular circumstances in any given building.

It is our belief that customers should never be tied to a single source service provider. To this end we have adopted an ‘Open Protocol’ philosophy for our product range in fire detection.

This means that any supplier can access replacement parts for future support to your fire alarm system. The alternative closed or managed protocol systems effectively mean that you can be tied to using one supplier for spares.

Here at AWAlarms we have significant expertise in working with customers who are faced with challenges due to being tied to one supplier and we will work with you to offer a best fit solution.

Routine Maintenance

All fire alarm systems require routine testing and inspection, in accordance with BS5839 ,the minimum period for these inspections is six monthly. At this time all system detection is tested for correct operation as are the fire alarm control sounders, stand by batteries and ancillary outputs.

Gas Suppression

Fire suppression systems are usually sub alarm systems connected to a main alarm control panel. The premise behind this is that an extinguishing medium is released into the atmosphere to work towards stopping the spread of fire.

Remote Monitoring

For additional peace of mind, we specialise in installing communication devices to provide a secure, monitored link to our nominated alarm receiving centre. All our maintenance customers that receive monitoring services have the facility for False Alarm Management.

To arrange a quotation for a new installation or routine maintenance on an existing system please contact us.