Fire Door Release Systems

AWAlarms offer installation and ongoing maintenance support for a variety of fire door retainers.


Wedging open fire doors is dangerous and illegal. We have solutions to this problem—making compliance easy.


Fresh air circulating throughout a building is beneficial for occupants’ health and well-being. Having to keep fire doors closed at all times can be problematic, as it prevents the flow of air.


Closed fire doors can make access through a building difficult. This is a particular problem in schools, hospitals and care homes where heavy fire doors might be difficult for people to open, and where staff need easy access in an emergency. Heavy fire doors can also be an issue in hotels for guests with luggage and staff with trays

Benefits of Door Retainers
  • Fire doors open legally, closing them when the alarm is activated
  • Take the weight out of fire doors
  • Are not triggered by background noise
  • Keep fire doors open at any angle to suit your building’s needs
  • Spread of fire is prevented as doors close automatically in an emergency
  • Injuries from heavy fire doors reduced
  • Quicker evacuations as fire doors are easier to open
  • Fewer false alarms
  • Full compliance with fire regulations
  • Improved ventilation means a healthier environment